Fishing Slot & Creel Limits

Updated September 15, 2021

Bass – Slot & Creel Limits

All bass 12 inches and over must be returned to the pond

Bass less than 12 inches have a creel limit of 4 bass per day per angler.

Bluegill (Panfish) – Creel Limit

Bluegill (panfish) have a creel limit of 5 bluegill per day per angler.


Do Not return crappies of any size to the pond.

Rainbow Trout - Creel Limit

Rainbow Trout have a creel limit of 4 trout per day per angler.

Triploid Carp

Triploid carp are in the pond to control weeds. Do not remove these fish

Any Other Species

There are no limits on any other species.

Stocking Trout in the Pond, November 1, 2021

Stocking Trout In the Pond 11-02-21.mp4

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