Chapter Member Information


In accordance with Virginia Executive Order Number Seventy-Two, which temporarily restricts the size of social gatherings, under certain circumstances and due to the current surge in coronavirus in the State, the Board determined that the Chapter should restrict the maximum size of gatherings throughout the Chapter's facilities.

Due to the vagueness of the Executive Order, it is not clear to what extent the Order applies to various activities at the Chapter, however, from an abundance of caution and to ensure the safety of our membership, the Board decided to apply the Order's restrictions to all gatherings at Chapter facilities.

Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, it was resolved that, until further notice, the number of persons gathering to utilize and/or utilizing individual Chapter facilities (such as the rifle/pistol range, the archery range, the shotgun range, the Chapter House, and the Outdoor Conservation Classroom) shall be limited to ten individuals.

This resolution places no restrictions on the total number of gatherings that may occupy the Chapter at any time, and multiple gatherings to utilize the same facility are permitted but must remain appropriately distanced from other such gatherings.