Our Loudoun County Chapter's 3D Archery and Practice Range occupies nearly half of the eighty-plus acres of the chapter property, and is open to all members in good standing regardless of skill level. Whether you shoot a long bow, re-curve, or compound, the Archery range is a beautiful year round haven for shooting and honing your bowmanship.

For a current copy of the Archery Range Rules please see section 7 of the Chapter Membership Rules and Regulations document.

When using the Chapter Archery Range, there are a few housekeeping tips to benefit everyone's enjoyment and safety:

  • Obey all Range rules

  • Help enforce all range rules

  • 3D Targets or Practice range Targets cannot be modified in any way.

  • It is every shooters duty to notify the Archery Chair or other board members of problems on the Range.

  • Report ALL infractions to

  • CLEAN UP after yourself! Place all trash either in the trash barrels or the dumpster.

Archery Range Hours

Thirty minutes after sunrise until 30 minutes before sunset daily.